Understanding Pennsylvania Premises Liability Laws

Understanding Pennsylvania Premises Liability Laws

Premises liability accidents can happen anywhere. An innocent person can slip and fall in a grocery store, restaurant, parking lot, office building, or in another person’s home. Any building or land that is someone else’s property can become dangerous for...

I Was Called Into The Police Station For Questioning. Does Hiring A Lawyer Make It Better Or Worse?

Attorney Ben Schwartz answers a viewer’s question that would like to hire a lawyer for his case, but he is concerned because in the past hiring an attorney has made things worse, not better. Hi, I’m Attorney Ben Schwartz, Today we are going to take a question...

Should You Take Out a Workers’ Comp Claim Loan?

Attorney Ben Schwartz talks about a workers’ comp claim loan and predatory lenders in the Shivani case. I am attorney Ben Schwartz, Today we’re going to do a quick video about lawsuit loans. A case came out of the industrial accident board just last week and I’m...

Dr. Grossinger – Concussion after Auto Accidents and Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Attorney Ben Schwartz interviews Dr. Steven Grossinger on the topics of  concussion and traumatic brain injury. Hi, I’m Attorney Ben Schwartz, Today I’m going to take an interview with a good friend of mine, Dr. Steven Grossinger. Dr. Grossinger is a board-certified...

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