Should I Sue My Mother If I Was Injured In A Car Accident and She Was At-fault?

Personal Injury Attorney Ben Schwartz answers a viewer’s question on whether she should sue her mother if she was injured in a car accident and her mother was the at-fault driver. Hi, I’m Attorney Ben Schwartz, Today we’re going to answer a question from...

Should I get a lawsuit loan against my personal injury case?

Hey, I’m attorney Ben Schwartz. People ask me all the time in personal injury cases, “Should I get a lawsuit loan? Will you sign off if I get a lawsuit loan?” It’s something that I really think needs to be discussed. It’s something where...

Is It Possible To Buy More Auto Insurance Than You Need?

Attorney Ben Schwartz gives his thoughts to a viewer in Havertown, Pennsylvania about buying more auto insurance than he needs. I’m Attorney Ben Schwartz, Today we’re going to take a viewer question. This is from Glenn in Havertown, Pennsylvania. Glenn wrote-in, he...

Getting Legal Advice After A Serious Accident

Attorney Ben Schwartz talks about why getting legal advice after a serious accident is of great importance. Hi, I’m Attorney Ben Schwartz, Today we are going to take up a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and that is getting legal advice after a serious...

Service Animal Bite Cases

Attorney Ben Schwartz weighs-in on Service Animal Bite Cases. Hi, I’m attorney Ben Schwartz, Today we are going to answer a viewer question from Josh in Seaford, Delaware. Josh sent me a message and said, what about these so-called “service animals” in a business?  A...

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